Turkish Mineral, Turkish agate, Turkish diaspore


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I sell the most interesting pseudo cabochon agates in the world. I found these agates in Turkey, Cubuk, region North Ankara many years ago. Some cabochon agates are from a very old stock.
These cabochons are cut and polished by Handicraft, edited and made in Amsterdam-Netherland
The agates are often pseudomorph crystal group of zeolite, mostly Aragonite, Calcite, Laumontite, Anhydrite, Natrolite, Messolite, Stilbite, Scolicite, Perlialite, Heulandite, some unknown minerals,
I saw these agates especially for collectors, jeweller and hobby photographers. I do business within more than 60 countries for the most serious collectors.
I always try to bring the top quality and unique agates and new ideas for my customers. Thank you.